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Data is the lifeblood of business organizations of all sizes. You need a complete data backup and recovery system and strategy to ensure that the critical data is available and accessible when you need it. It must be protected against loss, damage, theft and unauthorized change. And if disaster strikes, data recovery must be swift so that you can get back to business quickly.

No two organizations have the same data backup and recovery needs and priorities. SNT utilise the leading enterprise data backup along with Virtualisation Backup and Replication Solutions to help you meet your specific business, legal and regulatory information requirements through an assessment of key information sources such as databases, documents, and e-mail.

We use our recovery and backup assessment to tailor solutions for data retention, protection and retrieval that fit your business priorities.

Our solutions do more than protect data – they’ll help you respond to business opportunities quicker and more cost-effectively, so you can focus on growth.

Complete Data BackupResiliency & RecoveryOffsite Backup from SNT Solutions

SNT offers these key advantages:

Centrally managed

Automated and non-disruptive backup-and-restore solutions that support data spread over multiple locations and a wide range of devices

“Anywhere-Anytime” Access

To critical information for business operations, compliance audits and legal discoveries

Fast and reliable recovery of lost data

Especially when dealing with disasters

Continuous Realtime Laptop & File Server Protection

The only available solution for continuous real-time protection of critical files on laptops and file servers

Scalable Storage Management Solution on the Market

Provided to manage the whole backup lifecycle from Virtualised Snapshot backups and replication to single file retrieval, our backup solutions utilise multiple technologies to guarantee data integrity across multiple backup endpoints.

Your data is precious. Trust SNT to help you manage and protect it.

A proven track record in effective disaster response, based on managing more than 500 infrastructure recoveries for clients, including comebacks from catastrophic events such as 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina.

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