Mobile isn't a device....its data

Two out of three people in the world keep mobile devices within reach at all times. A typical user reaches for that device 150 times every day. Those numbers speak volumes about mobiles influence on a Smarter Planet. But mobile isn't simply a story about devices. Its about data.

A mobile workforce is a faster workforce

60% of all business-orientated devices will be mobile. One company, executive-search firm ZurickDavis, upgraded from using inefficient email chains to using a mobile-orientated social-networking tool. That switch helped recruiters to document opportunities in real time and helped the firm fill positions 25% faster.

Precise data means precise service

The exchange of mobile data that helps serve customers also gives companies a detailed picture of what customers want. One airline automated much of its pre-boarding process by embedding RFID technology into frequent-fliers cards and luggage tags, generating valuable information while reducing check in times by as much as 75%.

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Securing mobile data with mobile data

Today, 93% of companies say they consider mobile security equal to other security concerns. While new, standard practises for mobile technology have yet to be established, a few enterprises have begun using analytics to recognise their employees based on their mobile behaviours and activities, as well as more traditional passwords.

Better data makes us all smarter

Competing on Mobile Planet means building a strategy that strives to put mobile first. A smarter enterprise that sees all operations through the lens of mobile capabilities will view each mobile interaction as an opportunity to engage, learn and lead.

  • There are four times as many mobile devices in use today as there are PCs and tablets.
  • A typical mobile user engages with a device 150 times every day, including 23 times for messaging, 9 times for social media, and 6 times for news updates.
  • With many workplaces practicing a bring your own device policy, 93% of companies express concerns about mobile security.

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