Web Enabled Enterprise Software

SNT Software is key to our customers infromation lifecycle.  Including Matrix CRM, Document Management and Email Archiving providing access to information fast.

SNT Matrix - Providing Middleware and CRM capabilities the core of the solution allowing users to store information they need in a totally bespoke framework built on web technology.

SNT Document Management - Integrated Document Management allowing immediate retrieval of files, archiving and antime, anywhere access to documents.

SNT Email Archive - Every email sent and recieved is indexed and searchable in under a second taking email retrieval to a new level.

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Bespoke Software Solutions

Our ultra-efficient development solutions and tools allow us to work 5X faster than our rivals.  Reducing your expenditure and using our framework enhancing your time to market.

Fast prototyping ensures there are not any nasty surprises. The software we build will matches your expectations and specifications.

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