Business Process Change & Management

Business transformation outsourcing combines business and industry acumen and process knowledge with proven technologies.

This emerging model is changing the way we consult: For example, outsourcing once was viewed as simply a tool for reducing IT costs, and today outsourcing encompasses strategically focused, comprehensive management of an ever-increasing variety of business processes.

Market demand for business transformation outsourcing

Within the next couple of years, the outsourcing market will split between low margin commodity services, focused on "traditional" data center outsourcing, and high margin transformational services, which affect fundamental business processes. It is in this core processes area where SNT sees significant business transformation outsourcing opportunities–like customer relationship management services.

Transforming TechnologyImproved Competitive PositionIT Process Change from SNT Solutions

Key drivers to why businesses decide to outsource include:


1 Improved speed-to-market
2 Relationship/partner in transformation to e-business
3 Focus on core competencies
4 Access to intellectual capital
5 Improved competitive position
6 Access to scarce skills and resources with no long-term investment
7 Disciplined processes
8 Mitigated risk

The benefits of transformation:


1 IT cost reduction
2 Annual operating cost reduction
3 Product development cycle reduced
4 On time shipments improved
5 Moved to common processes globally
6 Significantly reduced complexity in major processes
7 Consolidation and standardisation

Working together to ensure that your business can easily embrace change to its business processes is a key to the successful integration and continued growth of your business systems. We work closely with our customers and partners to ensure that effective change is integrated during any project lifecycle and closely manage this with all stakeholders, whether this be the integration of new hardware or software services, through to business process changes that are implemented to make processes more effective.

We have a proven track record at taking business process and affecting significant change to streamline this through delivery of existing processes through software driven automatiion.

We follow our key Integrate Support Protect methedology through all business process change lifecycles to ensure that there is a continued and supported solution that integrates business units through successful change.

Today’s business leaders are pressured to cut costs, tighten controls and improve performance, without disrupting internal operations or customer relationships. Fortunately, BPO has evolved. It’s now about partnership with trusted experts to transform key business processes — and reach the next level of business advantage.
The requirements of an ever changing landscape can make management a formidable challenge SNT offer full business process outsourcing services within your business integrating with existing teams or providing a full and seamless solution.

Leading companies use our customized BPO solutions to gain an advantage in the marketplace. We help you save costs immediately, while making refinements that make businesses work smarter. With the right BPO partner, you can redirect valuable resources more efficiently and strategically. Turn to us and turn your internal resources into core capabilities to differentiate and build your business.

BPO ServicesReducing CostsSNT Business Transformation

SNT Solutions offers a unique value proposition for companies looking to transform their business processes. A transformational outsourcing solution focuses on helping enterprises address and resolve key issues that affect all aspects of the organization. These solutions consider those business and IT infrastructure design, consulting services, and IT integration challenges that are unique to each industry

For example, SNT's Customer Relationship Management (CRM) services utilising the SNT Matrix CRM, integrates piece parts to provide seamless "plan, implement and run" through CRM services. Very few service providers are capable of providing end-to-end CRM services solution.

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