BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

The rallying cry of your mobile workers and professionals, armed with their iPads and Android smartphones, all vying for access to your corporate resources and data.

Consumer devices have already begun to take hold in the workplace. The introduction of personally owned devices drives the risk of security breach higher, and can make end user support almost impossible, however with careful planning and consideration the "bring your own device" (BYOD) new trend can provide businesses with a host of benefits.

IT policies that take a hard line to the BYOD trend are unlikely to remain enforceable, however with the ability of smartphone and tablet users able to circumvent the IT Policies that are in place the enterprise is put at a greater risk. On the flip-side outdated technology begins to prove a barrier to business if planning and consideration is not taken to embrace new IT technology, and employees will not tolerate this for long periods if it inhibits productivity.

Our methodology for integration of BYOD is followed through from planning to implementation taking into account the following milestones, BYOD is about allowing choice while retaining control of your IT estate.
Bring Your Own DeviceCorporate Resource & Data AccessBYOD from SNT Solutions

Planning and design of the right framework for your business, balancing user needs with the business requirements for security and compliance, ensuring that costs are identified for any security or application enhancements for the BYOD devices.

Including acceptable current and planned devices and applications. Consider how mobility works and needs to work within the IT environment.

Benchmark the solution its requiremnets and limitations while minimising risk and business as usual disruption ensuring that changes can be made ot the offering before launce to a wider user audience.

User devices will give IT more challenging support, not an easier ride, as device problems cannot be deemed in totallity the businesses problem, there will be additional requirements for new setups for remote access, use of resources that may not be designed for the BYOD devices and device problems. There can be no expectation of patch control on devices therefore users have the capability to cause unplanned problems where in the past control of devices on the corporate network ensured this was not an issue, therefore the support from SNT is carried out at a high level during the integration phase to ensure that users learn and are able to understand the issues being faced with their own devices becoming part of the corporate network.

Acceptable usage policies and ensure that users are provided with limitations of use and the criteria for the devices within the business environment.

SNT Solutions work with you to provide a secure fenced environment into which the BYOD solutions can work with mitigated risk planning to ensure that corporate data is not compromised on these devices, with methodical planning the BYOD solutions can work to bring greater employee productivity while ensuring the security of your business data.

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