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SNT IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) is designed to take IT and provide it to you as a utility including software, licensing and infrastructure that meet to provide a seamless experience for your information estate, increasing user productivity and lowering costs.

Whatever the requirement SNT Solutions will look to provide you with a tailored solution that will give you the best of your current in-house technical expertise coupled with the depth of knowledge from our IT leasing services, we are outsourcing partners that bring the best from your onsite team through continuous improvement, and delivering the latest technology while engaging both IT and Users within your organisation.

Leasing provides UK businesses with access to the latest hardware, technology and business software for a monthly decapitalised cost.

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Salary Sacrafice Home Computer, Tablets and Laptops

SNT provide a fully managed salary sacrafice computer initative bringing our Outsourcing clients the benifits of a technology enabled workforce at home, the service is part of a salary sacrifice scheme which deducts the payments from the individual as part of their salary from the employer.
The scheme provides some additional benefits under the Take Advantage of the Tax-Efficient Government-Supported Computing, Skills & Technology (CST) Computer Benefit Programme.

In exchange for having a computer, your employee gives up a small amount of salary each month to cover the cost. This means that they pay less Income Tax, National Insurance, and Pension Contribution and therefore make savings. Basic rate tax payers can save up to 8% of income tax on the full cost of the equipment over the 3 year term. Additionally, the full 10.4% (going up to 10.6%) NI savings will also be passed on.

Therefore your employees save 25% off the cost of their computer package.

They don’t technically buy the equipment but are loaned it over 3 years. This is a Government requirement for this type of salary sacrifice benefit.The general saving level for an employee on actually purchasing a PC after tax is around 25%, so this provides a very efficient way for an employee to have access to a PC at home.
Choice of devices includes:

Desktop PC & Monitor
Apple iPad

With the devices helpdesk support is provided for the equipment during the 3 years of lease, and as with the corporate lease at the end of Year 3 the employee can make the decision to have a new device of the same or different type, or terminate the lease agreement if they decide not to continue with a new device.

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