Mobile Telephony

Mobile devices are more than just telephones. SNT integrates your data and mobile information services at every level to ensure that the devices you hold provide your business with a tool to enhance mobile users. We can provide single point of presence for users across fixed line and mobile telephony with mobile tracking and integrated voicemail. Security solutions such as dual factor authentication utilises the latest mobile device technology.

We provide services from all major mobile service providers including Everyone Everywhere, Everything Everywhere, Orange, O2 and Vodafone. This ensures that our services can be provided to best fit the requirements of the business, regardless of the mobile service provider.

Our service includes all management of call logging and telephony management, billing and life-cycle providing a single management platform for your whole mobile telephony estate integrating with IP Telephony and your Software solutions through API's where required, taking mobile telephony and integrating it in to the core of your business process.

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SNT Business Mobile Telephone Contracts provide:

Dedicated SNT Customer support for all queries

Integration with enterprise telephony

Network performance promise which credits your talk time if you're disconnected

Cross network migration and multiple service solutions

Everyphone service - pick up calls or messages from any UK landline or sntMobile

Mobile data configuration - all services are configured for your mobile device and managed

24/7/365 support - our helpdesk is always available to resolve issues with your mobile phones

Faulty device replacement - all mobiles are replaced if they develop a fault

Handset replacement during any repairs to ensure your workforce remains connected

Integrated management and billing platform

Handset freedom Blackberry, Apple iPhone and Android phones available

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