Private Cloud Hosting

Full access to your own private hypervisors, datastores and backup solution giving you complete control of your cloud. Providing you with on-premises management flexibility with the dedicated support of SNT Cloud technical teams to ensure your service delivery is always perfect.

We provide your infrastructure for a flexible monthly charge, in a Private Cloud, there is no up front cost to your Cloud Environment and you can choose between charge on usage or a fixed price per month per server, you have total control over your environment and no hardware costs, the solution provides you with your own instance of VMware vSphere and all associated backup and deployment services. Don't compromise on security flexible agile cost control from

100% Available ServicesDedicated Secure ResiliantPrivate Cloud from SNT Solutions

What is a Private Cloud?

High availability solutions can take advantage of a Cloud Hosted and Dedicated server to ensure that the highest levels of performance are provided from the dedicated server with a secondary cloud server providing you with the resilience of a clustered solution at a lower price point than has ever been possible before.

Testing and development servers can be provided within your cloud infrastructure with direct connection to your live production servers on dedicated infrastructure. The customisation possibilities of the private cloud are endless and with our expertise the right solution at the right price can be provided like never before.

Agile cloud services allowing servers to be migrated without downtime between dedicated servers and cloud hosted servers whenever this is required, along with the flexibility to migrate to dedicated servers during high volume periods or when servers become saturated in a normal cloud hosting model, moving from a Private Cloud into a Hybrid Cloud as required.

Your own VMware vSphere Server & Full Control
Private Datastores Available For PCI Compliance and Security
Cloud & On-Premises cross integration solutions available
Leverage Control over migration of workloads to the Cloud and ability to mix with Dedicated Servers
Seamlessly transition workloads with our support between Dedicated and Virtual Servers
Hybrid Cloud across multiple datacentres for resilience as standard
Inclusive SNT Applicances including Load Balancers and Firewall Included

Dedicated Hypervisors provide highest performance
Flexible Server Expansion & Migration
Immediate Additional Resource Allocation
Private Dedicated Backup and Replication to secondary datacentres
Fault Tolerance & Cluster Replication for Physical & Virtual Servers
Enhanced VDi Engines Available with GPU, PCoIP & 3D Application Hosting
100% Network Uptime Financially Backed SLA

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