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Cloud services are being adopted across the world for the delivery of applications

Agile integration options integrated and managed in partnership with snt Solutions we ensure that your transition to IaaS is smooth and without service delivery issues during the transition from your existing solutions.

The technology allows you to integrate your existing applications into a ready to use IaaS infrastructure. Elastic delivery can be achieved where existing hosted or onsite deployment of VMWare vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V and OnAPP are in use, or we will work with you during the conversion of existing dedicated services into the Virtual Datacentre.

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VMware vSphere Cloud Virtual DataCenter

VMWare are the market leader in Virtualisation Technology our strong integration ensures your servers are provisioned and provided with the latest technology including backup and replication to ensure that your services are available and consistently backed up with customised reports to ensure you know your data is constantly safe.

Our Virtual DataCentre Solutions are provided to you with direct access to vSphere Web Access, allowing remote access to your servers from a web enabled device anywhere, ensuring you have the ability to remote restart or change configuration as required along with provisioning new servers within your cloud, snapshot servers before upgrades or check backups.

For Virtual DataCentre Enterprise solutions we offer an extension giving you direct access to vSphere Console allowing you to carry out all VMWare functionality within your Cloud, including server snapshot, migration and other VMWare Enterprise functionality.

The integration of VMWare and associated technologies such as Veeam backup allows us to present our clients with Enterprise Support and Resilience within both Public and Private Cloud solutions provided by SNT eMotion.

Suggested uses of VMWare vSphere Cloud are:

  • Enterprise/Production IaaS Solutions
  • Enterprise/Production SaaS Solutions
  • High Availability & Critical Services
  • Agile Cross DataCentre Solutions
  • Enterprise Grade High Availability Web Hosting
  • Testing for Enterprise Development

Microsoft Hyper-V Cloud Virtual DataCenter

Microsoft Hyper-V provides the latest Microsoft Windows 2012 virtualisation designed specifically for Microsoft workloads. With elasticity and integrated management suites, it is excellent for both Hybrid and Private Cloud deployments based on Microsoft Windows architecture.

Our Cloud delivers clustered storage, backup and fully optimised storage at a fraction of the cost of integrating your own virtual testing or production environment.

Suggested uses of Microsoft Hyper-V Cloud are:

  • Enterprise Microsoft IaaS Solutions
  • Enterprise Microsoft SaaS Solutions
  • Testing Environments for Development
  • Production Microsoft Internet Services

OnApp Cloud Virtual DataCenter

With the SNT OnApp Cloud, you only pay for the resources you use. There's free setup and you can provision servers within the Cloud as you require them. You can constantly optimise your cost to performance balance through a consumption-based pricing model.

Our Cloud delivers clustered storage, backup and fully optimised storage at a fraction of the cost of integrating your own virtual testing or production environment.

Suggested uses of OnApp Cloud are:

  • Elastic Delivery of Services
  • Cost Effective Fast Delivery for Web Services
  • Balanced Web Clusters for Elastic Growth
  • Testing Environments for Development
  • Production Internet Services
  • Sandbox Environments

What is Self Provisioning within the Cloud?

Only need to power on a server for an hour to run a quick application? No problem. Fire up a VM run, the services or testing that you need to complete, and shut it down when you′re done. you will only get billed for the time it is provisioned. We don′t charge for your VMs while powered off so you can keep complete control of your provisoining costs and have servers ready to power on as required within your cloud.

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